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September 15th, 2014, 3:23 pm

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ThePhooka, September 15th, 2014, 3:23 pm     Reply

< I had hoped you were lying, Captain, > Cynn Numair said quite frankly, sweeping--insofar as someone his size could sweep--towards the open door in the corner of the hangar. His voice bounced hollowly off the steel beams and through the dusty light. < This news...well, you're Aetherian. > The Cynn's masklike expression cracked into an almost anxious grimace, and he shot a glance at Captain d'Ubis. < You understand why avoiding war is so important. >

< Yes, > the captain answered quietly, and followed Cynn Numair out onto the patched airstrip.

Everything outside was coated in a thin patina of yellow dust. The sky was cold blue and full of wispy clouds. A rather simple black sedan was parked on the airstrip, its finish gone all matte in the dust. The Cynn's driver--a furry, four-armed creature who was the same color as the dust--stood waiting at the car's side.

< You are not to be put on active duty again just yet, Captain, > Cynn Numair said at last, as they strode towards the car. The wind was strong enough to pick up even the captain's heavy wrapped ponytail. < Inevitably I will have to argue with the Aetherian Assembly about this. I will need your testimony. >

< Of course, > Captain d'Ubis responded. Then, cautiously, < May I ask--does this change our orders at all? >

The driver opened the backseat door with one right hand, the other right hand over her chest as she bowed. The Cynn paused, considering. "Mm."

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