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Site updates ahoy!

...welcome to the first news post ever?! I didn't really notice this little widget until now...ahem...

Anyway! Some updates:

* The cast page is finally up to date! All the major players up to Numair are finally listed. I may include minor characters soon, and do some trimming. We'll see.

* This website could use an overhaul! I am going to try to get to that over winter break.

* I now have a donation button on the left sidebar! While White Noise is definitely a labor of love, I would appreciate any tips you may send my way. Anything I get is going straight towards some health-related funds that I'm currently working to build, I can promise that.

* All that said, enjoy this week's page! I'm working on building another buffer for when classes start up in the spring. I have a feeling I'll need it! My goal is to get through spring semester without ever missing an update. I did it this past fall, after all.

posted by ThePhooka @ December 16th, 2012, 6:19 am  -  0 Comments

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